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For Landlords

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For Landlords

As a landlord your property is a valuable asset. By having a thorough inventory for each tenancy you can help to protect your investment.

A professionally complied independent inventory together with a thorough check out at the end of the tenancy will help protect your property and investment and will assist should any dispute arise. In addition the tenant will be assured that the inventory reports is independent and unbiased and impartial.

All of our clerks are fully trained in line with the AIIC and have a great deal of experience visiting all types of properties every day, there are also able to determine fair wear and tear as well as apportion responsibility should the need arise.

By using the services of NCL Inventories you can also save money as once you have an inventory prepared by us we will keep updating the report for each new tenancy. This means that you only pay the full price for the first tenancy and for all subsequent tenancies of that property we will only charge an update fee which is around 50% of the cost of an inventory, a considerable saving.

Our inventory reports are logically laid out and are written in layman’s terms, any photographs that may be taken will be embedded into the document although it is worth pointing out that the purpose of any photographs is to demonstrate the condition of a specific item or area.

During the check out process our clerks will assess fair wear and tear as well as any damage to ensure your investment is protected. Our fair wear and tear guide will help explain this process.

Why a detailed inventory is important

Figures produced by the DPS show that landlords are at most risk of losing a claim against the held deposit. This is due to a number of factors, one of which is the absence of a detailed inventory and check in.

If you do not have a detailed inventory paired with an accurate check in, then it is almost impossible to recover costs of any damage that exceeds the value of the retained deposit as there is no record of the state of the property or its contents at the start of a tenancy. Even retaining the deposit can lead to a tenant taking you to court for its recovery. Why take the risk?

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For your peace of mind we are insured for both public liability and professional indemnity